Homemade DIY Natural Vanilla Extract

DIY Vanilla Extract
Super Easy
Cost Effective

All you need:
-Bottle (check out thrift stores or the dollar tree)
-80 proof (or higher) Alcohol (any kind but I like Rum, p.s get bottom shelf to save some money)
-Grade B Vanilla Beans (I like these Tahitian ones & these Madagascar ones)
Pour Alcohol into bottle, slice or chop Vanilla Beans, and add to bottle, let sit 6-8weeks, shake 1/week.

A bit of money to start, but definitely will save you money (especially if you bake often like me 👩🏽‍🍳).
It’s like buying in bulk, but saves you even more than buying from Costco 🙃

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Nontoxic Swaps Coffee

Let’s talk Nutrients 🌿

Often coffee is reached for to help with energy, but I want to share some awareness around the negative side effects of coffee for your energy & overall wellness

Each time you reach for coffee to boost your energy you’ll most likely result in a

Instead let’s focus on supporting Gods design 💙

If you’re needing an extra boost, it’s most likely because you’re body’s not getting the nutrients that it needs.
Instead of coffee try reaching for Ningxia
It has naturally helped in supporting me

Check out my quality essential oils link to buy Ningxia 🌿

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Nontoxic Swaps Energy Drink

Looking for an energy drink that supports your body rather than limits your body?

Checkout Ningxia Zyng to Naturally Support your energy levels 🌿✨

I have struggled with energy, especially as a mom & it’s no fun! ❌
Especially when I’m focused on playing with my kids, cleaning, cooking, building community by getting out there and meeting people, the last thing I want is to feel exhausted or straight up crash, which is ultimately what happens with energy drinks or if I do nothing🤦🏽‍♀️

Here’s a natural alternative to support y’all well 💙
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Nontoxic Swaps Dryer Sheets

Ditch & Switch 🌿

Did you know DRYER SHEETS are very UNSAFE?

They can cause Eczema, Headahces, Severe Allergies, Depression, Nervous System Disorders & Asthma just to name a few..

This is just one of the many reasons to check out some natural alternatives like something as simple as a WOOL DRYER BALLS with Heat Safe Essential Oils like Tea Tree Essential Oil (this is such a easy hack to help your clothes dry & give them a nice, gentle scent!)

If you’re STRUGGLING with figuring out what products are TOXIC for you and your family…


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Find healthy natural alternatives!✨

Create a simple step by step plan for ditching those toxic products and creating a Peaceful, low tox home!✨

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Nontoxic Swaps Hand Soap

Non Toxic hand soap could be causing your respiratory issues, or even your eczema!

Dr.bronners Castile Soap filled halfway & the rest with distilled water in a foaming hand soap dispenser is a great (&easy) way to ditch your toxic hand soaps & switch to a healthier option 💙

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Why I Advocate for Homebirth – Positive Unmedicated Birth Story

 Hey friends. Welcome to the Wholistic Lifestyle Podcast, where I help busy moms that are stressed out over their to-do list, reach their goals with ease and enjoyment, one step at a time. Discover natural alternatives. Your body is craving and achieve the God-given freedom of Peace, confidence and possibility.

So I am super thankful to y’all that leave reviews of the podcast. It really helps the podcast grow and reach more moms and help me with the mission of, Just helping moms to live stress free and pointing them to God. And I wanted to share a recent review, and it’s by k y Mom of Girls, and it says A servant’s heart.

Desiree cares deeply about serving others and has a heart to help. She puts in the work to bring good quality information to her. Listen, Thank you so much. By the way. I really appreciate your review and how it can help the podcast grow. Like I said if you guys want to get featured on the podcast, tell me what y’all do for work.

I would love to feature y’all and just how the podcast is benefiting you guys. I would love to share that on the podcast. Okay, friends. Today we’re gonna talk about my second natural birth story, which happens to also be my first home birth story. So, , pretty much. It was around midnight again, just like my first son.

But this time we were much more stable. My husband and I were married to each other and we were living in our first home that we had bought in an area we settled at in North Carolina. and there was some big changes during that pregnancy, moving from Houston, Texas to North Carolina, but it was totally worth it and we got some land and were able to homestead and got a great interest rate, which was awesome.

Anyways, besides the point we pretty much, so we had went. Okay, dad. Dad will go and help him. So we had went into labor kind of suddenly this time around midnight, and it was pretty much, I was just laying in bed. and I was like, okay, yeah, my water broke for sure. And it was like, for sure this time like there was a full-on gush.

And so I texted my midwife and let her know like, Hey, my water broke. And at this point I was actually at the end of 35 weeks pregnant, which was a week earlier than my last pregnancy. And so we’re like, okay, I kind of had babies early. The last baby was fully developed, but since this was even earlier, you know, by about a week we wanted to take extra precaution.

And my midwife was so loving, she was like, you know, you could get cuz in the town I live in, there’s not a hospital with a NICU unit. There’s a hospital but not a NICU unit. So they’d have to like transport baby to like an hour away to if there. A need for that. And so we’re like, okay, we’d rather be by the hospital with the NICU unit just in case since our baby was coming a little bit earlier than beforehand.

And so my midwife was like, you can either get a hotel in the area since you know labor takes some time, or you could come on birth at my home. And so we went ahead and grabbed our first son’s stuff and dropped him off at a family members to stay and be cared for. And then we drove on over to the.

midwife’s house and probably like my contractions, the pain started to come a little quicker. This time I remember I was trying to pack up a few stuff, like help my husband get the stuff together to put into the vehicle. And about halfway through I was like, Nope, I’m tapped out, can’t walk anymore. Too much pain.

And he. Running around and trying to get that vehicle filled with all the stuff. And it was a little earlier again, so we were a little behind on just like having everything together and orderly and so. . He finished getting the stuff together and I was like, okay, come on, you gotta hurry up. We, like I said, dropped off my first son to our family members home, took care for him.

And then we’re driving on the way to the midwifes and the contractions. Like when we dropped off my first son, they were like, Ooh, okay. Yeah, they’re getting intense. And on the drive to the midwives, I was just praying like, you know, we’re gonna keep you in touch. Let her know we’re on the. I was just praying and breathing once again.

Lord, please don’t have me have this baby. In this vehicle, it was also February and it was like full on winter. It was like 28 degrees outside and I was just praying and breathing and working on not pushing. And then , we were low on gas and my husband had to stop and get gas. Ever since then, we’ve gotten a lot better with keeping our vehicles filled.

Like whenever it’s halfway, we fill it up. That’s an adjustment we’ve definitely had to make, especially living in the country and. Just responsibly having kids and we finally make it to the midwife’s house. And you know, I’m walking in and I immediately had the urge to once again take off all my clothes.

Oh, I should mention on the way there, I was like rolling down the window. Cause once again I got super hot and had to. just have the cold air on me. And my husband kept trying to roll down the window and I was like, no, that’s not happening. Poor guy. He had to deal with like freezing temperatures, but I needed it so

But we made it to the midwives and yeah, once again, all the clothes had to go and. , I got into like a kneeling position, leaned up against pillows and that was really comfortable and just automatically was like, okay, I need a push. And so started pushing and I tried a few other positions like side laying and I did not like that.

And went back to the kneeling position up against like the base of the bed with pillows stacked up. And that was really, and I like a very hands off approach, and my midwives were so honoring of that. I’m so thankful for how God worked through them and just. really knowing my needs, supporting my needs, being there for if there was anything that was needed emergency wise, and being able to guide us on what to do.

Thankfully, there was not, because once again, I’m reminded birth is such a natural experience that God created us woman to create and birth babies, and so we ended up. , I just ended up being in that kneeling position and breathing and praying again. And husband right there with me and the midwives and baby came out within 45 minutes of pushing.

So this was a total of only five hours for this birth. It was a lot shorter than the first one. And I think a lot of that was cuz my water broke quickly too instead of like this, the trickle with my first son. And it was also my second. And so baby came out and you know, they move around a little.

He didn’t cry right away, but they move around a couple times and then he cried. And my husband does tell me, or did tell me later on that he was a little nervous about that cuz babies are pale at first. And so he was like, the baby looked lifeless and thank God baby was not lifeless. If you do not know this babies.

have more of a paleish kind of blueish kind of color at first. And then when they take that first gasp of air, it oxygenates their whole body and like the bloodstream and then they have more of a pinkish tint. It is quite an amazing quick experience actually. And so, Automatically we did skin to skin and they did a much longer delayed cord clamping, which was great.

And the first time around, my son actually cut, or my son, my dad cut my son’s cord the second time around, my husband cut our son’s cord like the umbilical cord. and we just gotta lay there and have time with our baby. And I even had a quick glass of wine because it really does not affect the baby because you’re getting just like the colostrum, it’s more of like a habit you’re instilling in that first moments and the bonding.

When you’re breastfeeding and like the teensy bit a colostrum and it doesn’t go to your milk that quickly. And so I gotta have a nice glass of red wine and relax and practice breastfeeding with baby and cuddle with baby and be in the comfort of a home. And although it was not our home, it was still a home and that was precious and just felt so much less stiff and less hurried.

And our midwife knew all of where we stood. It did not feel pressured or. There was no anxious, like anxious feelings. It was just such a great experience. My husband and I laid in bed. Our midwife had some soup in the fridge, heated it up. The other midwife went and got me like something from the store that I needed nearby.

That was just something I was craving. And they’re like, okay, y’all have a little nap before you head home. And so we had a little nap and then we drove back home. There was no tearing. There was. , like midwife, let baby come out with gravity on its own. It was such a better experience, you guys. And after that, if I was not already a home birth advocate, I definitely became one.

We did have our drive home a few hours after that, and it was a little uncomfortable, you know, taking a drive, an hour drive home. But it was not as bad as, you know, being sitting down when I had tore with my first son, there was no tearing this time, which was great. It was just normal soreness. And we drove home and got settled in with baby, and then my family member dropped off our first son back to us and he got a bond with baby.

And then our hus, my husband was home for a week. He’s typically home for a week with each baby. So we have that bonding time and support and adjustment time, and it was so, so great. midwife checked in with us like 24 hours. She drove to the home. I love having home visits with a midwife and doing home birth.

She came in like 24 hours, three days a week, two weeks and six weeks, and checked on me and baby and. You guys, it was great. There was a little bit of like, of a learning curve with having to go and like register the birth certificate in social, but you know, your midwife will guide you through that and just calling and asking questions and you know, we got it done and I was so thankful for that time and I strongly advocate for home births.

The healthcare system in general has been failing us, and they look at birth as a emergency versus a natural thing, and while it is, you know, Still hard on the bodies. It is a natural thing. And our bodies, God made our bodies capable of it and capable of healing. And I hope that the story of my second birth a home birth can empower y’all that haven’t had the confidence yet to have a home birth.

Of course, look into it based on your needs and talk with your midwife and they’ll let you know, you know, if you are. A good fit for that. You know, if you’re having a high risk stuff, you might need the support of a hospital, and it’s great when they’re there for that. But if not, then home birth could be a great option.

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Have a blessed week.