Nontoxic Swaps Dryer Sheets

Ditch & Switch 🌿

Did you know DRYER SHEETS are very UNSAFE?

They can cause Eczema, Headahces, Severe Allergies, Depression, Nervous System Disorders & Asthma just to name a few..

This is just one of the many reasons to check out some natural alternatives like something as simple as a WOOL DRYER BALLS with Heat Safe Essential Oils like Tea Tree Essential Oil (this is such a easy hack to help your clothes dry & give them a nice, gentle scent!)

If you’re STRUGGLING with figuring out what products are TOXIC for you and your family…


Then DM me 📱 & let’s hop on a call and i’ll help you…

Get clarity on what toxic products are in your home right now!✨

Find healthy natural alternatives!✨

Create a simple step by step plan for ditching those toxic products and creating a Peaceful, low tox home!✨

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