Non-Toxic Mattress Buying Guide Checklist

  • Memory foam? Look for plant based oils vs petroleum based oils. CertiPUR-US® or GreenGuard certification.

  • Latex? Organic. GOLS certification. Stay away from Synthetic Latex.

  • GOTS certification. 

  • Don’t be fooled by marketing terms. (Breathable, Natural, even Non-Toxic)  Look for the proof in certifications and ingredients.

  • Hybrid Mattress? Verify all foam layers are non-toxic and supported by a CertiPUR-US® or GreenGuard certification. It’s also beneficial to purchase one with pocketed spring coils since they tend to remain cleaner.

  • Flame Retardants? You probably don’t want a highly flammable mattress so look for a non-toxic option such as wool or kevlar fire barrier or natural silica particles. You don’t want chemical fire retardants.

  • Pricing? Make a list & compare pricing & quality to find your answer for the best affordable non-toxic mattress for you & your family.



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